ronnie-leesRonnie Lees is a talented author, screen writer, skier, actor, comedian, survivalist and surfer who has been writing and entertaining people for over twenty years. From short stories, screen plays, to his new novel, “Sins of the Mind,” released in 2006. Known throughout the surf and snow communities world wide he is mostly known for founding the popular surf company, "Northeast Surfing." He is known as a writer of fictions just as well as his writing of spiritual words from beyond the break of life. A passionate mountain climber with survival skills.

Ronnie founded Northeast Surfing in 2002 with surfer/windsurfer Johnny Mac, he continues to write, host events, perform in comedy shows, surf competitions, appear on Television, news channels, newspapers, and back-country skiing expeditions. In 2006 he became one of the CEO's at Northeast Surfing, and founded Northeast Surfing Academy, where over 2000 students attend every season. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, Ronnie Lees cannot accept direct messages, all messages will be screened. You can follow Ronnie on facebook, twitter, through his accounts or through Northeast Surfing accounts.

“Complicate your life; breathe, cry, love, live, and die without losing a moment of who you are. Reach out and touch the divine realms of your existence. Learn how to breathe inside the bubble of life without letting the conflicted moralistic values of others influence you. Create your feelings with art by sharing words of enlightenment, spending endless days living your dreams while enjoying speechless moments of time and the reflections of angels.” By Ronnie Lees – Contributed and edited by – Christy Wardlow.

“Don’t care what people think, be your own person, stand outside the crowd, watch them communicate, see them judge, understand our existence, ask why, know where you are going, remember where you came from, learn, teach, have faith, don’t be blinded by it, be happy, give to others, love, cry, feel, touch, breath, and see. Open your minds to every possibility, and most of all, be who you are, not who they see you as.” By Ronnie Lees.